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PlayArt cards

Here you can learn more about the PlayArt Card - another tool to bring art and culture into children's everyday lives.

On this page you can read more about how the cards were developed, why and how they can be used.

What is LegeKunst card?

How can the starting point for experimentation and play be created from art, architecture and historical finds?

PlayArt Cards are physical postcard-sized cards. They consist of a front page with an image of art, architecture or historical artefacts. The reverse side provides inspiration for games and activities inspired by the image.

For example, you might be invited to explore the room at a snail's pace. Listen for something living inside the wall, in the door, under the floor or in your hand. Or turn something as mundane as a radiator into a magical creature. It's about setting off fun, playful and experimental investigations based on the work on the cover.

The idea behind LegeKunst Kort is lecturer Hanne Kusk. She wanted to create a simple and humorous opportunity for children to encounter different forms of art in a playful and inspiring way.

PlayArt Maps are developed individually for each region in cooperation with a cultural institution in the area.

The cards will be distributed free of charge to institutions participating in the PlayArt project in the different regions. It is a way to inspire continued play with art and culture - and as an invitation to take a closer look at the cultural institution they have been developed with. After the card is used with a group of children in the day care centre, it goes home with a child. In this way, a little piece of PlayArt goes right into the home.

Who is LegeKunst short for?

The LegeKunst cards have been developed in collaboration with cultural institutions in each of the Danish regions: the Kunsten Kreativitarium in the Nordjylland Region, the Skovgaard Museum and the Viborg Art Gallery in the Central Jutland Region, the Royal Jelling and Vejle Museums in the Southern Denmark Region, Rønnebæksholm and Næstved Kunstby in the Zealand Region, and the Glyptoteket and the Music Museum in the Capital Region. So far, they are awarded to institutions already participating in LegeKunst.

If you belong to a PlayArt institution, your tutor or supervisor will contact you about when and how you can get a box of PlayArt cards.

If you have any further questions about LegeKunst Kort, please contact project manager Camilla Høg at

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