Region: North
Municipality: Frederikshavn
By: Frederikshavn
Year: 2021
Artist: Lina Franke Hedegaard


"So this story is out"

Play art - the following questions

My staff have learned that it doesn't take much to start an activity, and a different activity than they have previously had in the institution.

Staff have become better at seizing/exploring the opportunities/resources freely available in the municipality. Staff have found that e.g. tape, torch, costumes, scarves, sunglasses, hats, clothes pegs, cardboard boxes, milk cartons etc. can create new ideas/creativities, everyday items that are easy to access.


The biggest challenge for staff has been planning activities, finding the time in a sometimes hectic day to plan future activities, and getting better at seizing the idea in the moment, paying attention to the children's signs and seizing the children's interest and building on the idea, going more behind the process rather than going ahead.


It is the process that is most important and let the children and the process run and relate to the back and not interrupt the children. If the children are noisy, the staff must be good at toning down the play without going in and interrupting the play. The importance of how staff should start the process and how they get the process finished well again. We have become more aware of new opportunities in children's play and formation. In addition, our awareness in own role in play has become visible what contribution it can have.

The process has been very different as the age range of the children has varied. Art and culture can help to bring new ideas into our everyday lives.

Programmes have changed staff awareness of their own role in the process. Staff awareness of the value in the process rather than the end product has been reminded of more important.

The changes have provided new inspiration for future activities. In relation to the pedagogical curriculum, play has been guided by following the child's tracks.

Time will tell what changes we choose to take with us in this process.


Julie Twin

Head of department in Børnehuset Spiren

Municipality of Frederikshavn

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