Region: Central Jutland
Municipality: Viborg
By: Skals
Year: 2020
Artist: Charlotte Olling
Day care:
Fredly Forest Nursery

When Thumbelina visited Fredly Forest Nursery

In Fredly we have been on an adventurous journey with actress Charlotte Olling and Thumbelina.

We have moved through different elements of the fairy tale of Thumbelina and the elements of earth, fire, air and water have been woven into the process.

We have been inspired to work with fairy tales and other stories in a new way, where in this project we have drawn different elements from the fairy tale and worked with small pieces of the fairy tale at a time.

In between the artist's visits, there have been things we have worked on to tie the adventure together.

Physical objects such as walnut shells and flowers etc. have been used to support the imagination of the children.

The children have had to play different roles and in this way have had to try to put themselves in Thumbelina's place.

The children had to draw parallels to their own world, for example they had to describe what they dream about.

We think that we have been equipped to work according to our vision in a new way, where the children, through playing what it is like to be Thumbelina who goes cold, Thumbelina who is caught on the water lily, Thumbelina who looks after the swallow, Thumbelina who is going to marry the mole, etc., have worked with the concept of empathy.

Through the project, we have seen children showing new sides of themselves.

Some of the children showed more courage and offered more than usual.

Some children were also extra challenged by the sometimes tight structure.

Some children showed that they were good at keeping "the red thread" and immersed themselves a lot in the story.

We found that the story sparked reflection in the children and we had many good conversations afterwards.

Having to formulate their dreams, and then together with their parents also formulate the parents' dreams, was something many children were keen on.

All in all a good and educational experience.

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