MUNICIPALITY: Frederikshavn
DAILY OFFER: Hørby Børnehus

Snow story: Hørby Børnehus (2022)

In Hørby Børnehus, we had chosen to work with the smallest kindergarten children, we had an experience that the children did not know each other very well and that they did not have the feeling of being a group, and we also wanted to work with colors and different artistic processes as the common ground.

In the process, several things caught our eye:

The children noticed each other, started playing with other children than they have done before.

They noticed and were inspired by each other's processes e.g. a certain way of mixing colors

We also noticed that they became braver and chose to stand with someone other than the best friend they had always chosen before. And now it's just much safer to play with different children in the group.

We also noticed children who are often very restless and flaky, they now became more focused and engaged in the process that was going on. They could stay in the process because it was an open process and no one was demanding a task to be done in a certain way or a process to end at a predetermined point.

It also became clear to us that more children experienced what we were doing more as a joint project than as an individual project.

For example, a little boy says "that's mine" - to which you reply "no, it's ours"

We have had really positive experiences with LEGEKUNST and the process it has been.

It has given us the desire and courage to use this working method for more topics in kindergarten and nursery.

It has been an eye-opener for the staff to see what happens when you give the process free rein and learn to "sit on your hands" while influencing the development of the children.

Hella Rams Sparvath

Head of Department, Hørby Børnehus