Region: Middle
Municipality: Skive
By: Skive
Year: 2019
Artist: Limfjordsteatret
Lærkereden Day Care Centre


An enchanting, fantastic and unforgettable aesthetic experience together with the project LEGEKUNST for young and old in the day care centre Lærkereden in Skive:

We had a wonder that we would like to present Christmas and all its wonderful traditions and values in a different way to the children of Lærkereden, also with a special insight that our institution is an international institution with children from many different cultures.

You can read more about this in our SNIP - SNAP - SNUDE - stories!

Here's a special story about our Christmas service:

We are lucky that in Skive parish we have a fantastic priest named Nathalie, who we contacted when we started this project.

Nathalia was immediately turned on by our ideas and thoughts about the project - The Little Match Girl, so in collaboration with Nathalie, the staff group and Limfjord Theatre, the ideas SPRANG into the air!!

It was a great COLLABORATIVE PROCESS: we decided that we would like to have a visit from some elderly women who could symbolise the little girl's love for her beloved grandmother, and the "grandmothers" would sit around the church - where the children would go in groups to a "grandmother - where they were told a story about this grandmother's Christmas from the old days.

It was important for us that our focus words throughout the project came out: love, longing, longing, poverty.

It was amazing to see how this space of two different generations created a very special space.

The older women had brought various props, for example one lady had brought gingerbread and told of the time when she enjoyed the smell and comfort of baking with her mother as a child.

We had also brought gifts - where the elderly told about their Christmas and what gifts they could get back then. It was enchanting to see how engrossed the children were in the atmosphere both from the church room, the magic of Christmas and all the lovely stories.

Not only based on the Christian faith, but also the other joys of the traditions, like giving and baking together etc! This also gave our children from other cultures a lot of experiences that they could identify with, which we think is very important for the children's communities in Lærkereden.

To experience that we - or that we together do and hear something special, to experience that there is another person who has a story to tell and that they want to share the story with us - that in itself is something nice!

We believe that it is a gift to experience the joy of a story, both in giving and receiving it - it is an aesthetic experience that we hope will leave its mark on the children for the rest of their lives!

After the little Christmas stories, the priest told/did a short puppet show from the Christmas Gospel - comparing it to the fairy tale - The Little Match Girl! It is and was great to experience how things give more understanding/learning for the individual child, when we have worked with the topic at home in Lærkereden and we have got a lot of impressions from the Limfjord theatre through project LEGEKUNST.

So WE can only conclude that Christmas and Christmas Service 2020 was and was something very special for us - where many moments came to sing for young and old!

On behalf of Lærkereden educator Rikke M. Jensen 2020