MUNICIPALITY: Frederikshavn
DAILY OFFER: Børnehuset Abildvej

Snow story: Børnehuset Abildvej (2022)

The way play art has made a change in this house is that the children themselves have taken it to other contexts. The adults, one in particular, have developed their own play skills and curiosity. We have played fairy tales, and the children have taken the initiative themselves. We have 2 other educators in the house who are on a diploma in play, which is very much in line with the art of play. So it is definitely something we will use in the future.

Snap story from educator:

"I'm out on the playground with 5 children. I drive 3 of the children in a cart, the other 2 children walk next to the cart. We drive past some trees, and now we are in the jungle (I start the story) "Look, there is a dangerous tiger in that tree", one of the children says and points, and then the story continues. We have to hurry up and get out or we might get eaten. Look, there's a crocodile, yes, and another one. It's going to eat us. There is also another tiger. We have to get out of the jungle before we get eaten. Let's run. We run out of the jungle. I have a hard time pulling the cart and say that it's hard. One of the children says: "It's because you don't eat enough rye bread".

After we have completed the process with the artist, we in the nursery have continued every Thursday for the next 4 weeks. The kindergarten has chosen to wait until after New Year, due to the month of December, which is filled with many other activities. So if we are to use the time meaningfully and with room for contemplation, where we work on it ourselves, it makes the most sense here in the house.

Lene Vinter Dahl

Head of Department