DAILY OFFER: Sofie Kindergarten

Snude storytelling: Kindergarten Sofie (2022)

We have had a good process where we have seen that the children have actively participated in the process.

There has been a small group of children who needed to experience the activity and decode the freer framework. But we have found that it has created space for new learning. There has been a lot of immersion in trying out different kinds of glue, tape and different ways of painting. Just as the children have discovered the difference between heavy and light materials and the like.

The participating adults have discovered new ways of learning around creative processes. The children who have been good at being in the chaos that the process entailed - are some of the children who may find it difficult to fit into the more structured framework of many other activities.

That story is out - narrative

The outdoor narrative is missing in this process. The institution had to cancel our last meeting where we had to pick up the pieces. I have not been sent photos from the process as it required many parents to be asked," says the manager.