Region: North
Municipality: Frederikshavn
By: Frederikshavn
Year: 2020
Artist: Signe Højmark Taarup
Humlebien kindergarten

In this project about LegeKunst in Børnehaven Humlebien - and our Snip story about the purpose and desire in collaboration with Signe Højmark Thaarup- singer, singing teacher & children's musician.

We wanted to expand our musical space with theatre/drama/play and to be part of the child's universe. Our children are very fond of singing, LOVE to play, dance, be creative, use their imagination and be in the magical world. Where they are crazy, fun and playful - and where the wild and magical has a value in itself.

It often happens that our children spontaneously burst into song, sometimes they even hold a circle, with songbooks and invite the "adults" into their play. At the mid-term evaluation, we were concerned with expanding the pedagogical learning space and thinking all curriculum themes into the co-creative and creative space for children and adults. There will be made suitcases with visual material and "songs", where also our bilingual children will be taken into account.

We have found that singing, music and co-creation have great value for children and adults. Where children have been empowered and adults have been creative. A musical and creative project, with development and new well-being - with song, music and games that create joy in life.

We see children who have grown and been inspired - children who have made their own creative space in the playground, where buckets and shovels are used for percussion and where the children's bright singing voices, coincide with the rhythmic notes - A child finds a large plastic box, a stage is created to perform on. With clapping, stomping and singing from the stage, more children join in. Music and song become a common language - sparking the child's imagination and creating new images and stories.

The adults have even at night thought LegeKunst in - a song, being made from a known tune, which children and adults should learn. A creative process in a fine interaction - it has been a great joy and a journey to be part of. We have created something together - young and old, curious and ready to grasp something new, different and exciting that brings joy.

Marion Munkebo Anderson
Head of Department

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