PlayArt at Kulturmødet Mors 2020

LegeKunst was part of the conversation "Art and Culture in Daycare" in connection with the Culture Meeting on Mors this year.

Here you can watch or re-watch the video, where moderator Christian Have asks Lars Geer Hammershøj (LegeKunst research coordinator and assistant professor at DPU), Andreas Rasch-Christensen (research director at VIA), Pia Skogberg (artist in LegeKunst) and Merete Villsen (daycare manager in Ikast-Brande Municipality) about how art and culture can increase the quality of daycare and promote children's well-being, play, development and education.

Watch or rewatch the debate in the video below.

Arts and culture in day care from Mors Cultural Meeting on Vimeo.