Since 2019, children, educators, artists, cultural mediators and music & culture school teachers from 23 municipalities have been playing together. It has been bubbling with co-creation and aesthetic processes throughout the country. The youngest children have been brave together with their everyday adults and it has resulted in dirty fingers, glowing cheeks and stars in the eyes.

At this final conference, we will take stock of what LegeKunst has brought and we look forward to the Center for Cultural Evaluation (AU) presenting their evaluation of the LegeKunst project.

It is also time to look beyond your own horizon and therefore LegeKunst enters into a dialog with invited external projects and initiatives that also deal with play, education, art and culture in daycare.

No PlayArt Days without salons! Viborg Municipality offers a dialogue forum on PlayArt, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality follows the small footsteps on the path, Tórshavn Municipality shares their PlayArt practice, at Kunsten Museum of Art the works of art open up for play and learning, you get to strengthen your playfulness in Levende Legekultur's salon and you are invited to a 'playjam' together with Playful Learning's Leg for Dig. All participants are assigned a salon in advance based on your own wishes and you can look forward to it!

Registration for the conference is closed - we look forward to seeing you!

PlayArt actors have received a direct invitation. If you are a LegeKunst actor and have not received an invitation, please contact your local LegeKunst coordinator/supervisor.

For questions regarding registration, please contact project coordinator Marie Grønbæk Bjerregaard at or tel. 26 70 83 69.


LegeKunst Dage 2023 takes place on June 1, 2023 at VIA University College - Campus Viborg

On Wednesday, May 31, an internal PlayArt Day will be held for project stakeholders.

Thursday, June 1 is an open conference day where all interested parties can register.

Find your way to the conference here

Map of VIA - Campus Viborg



The programs contain everything you need to know - including program overview, breakdown of each program item, list of PlayArt salons, link to registration and practical information.

The programs can be accessed from both desktop and mobile

Program of the open conference day

Program for LegeKunst actors

We reserve the right to make any changes to the program. The programs are updated regularly.



Below is a printable version of the program overview, for those who would like to hang the program on the bulletin board or refrigerator.

Program of the open conference day (print) 

Program for LegeKunst actors (print)