PlayArt book

Seven research projects have followed Kulturprinsen's national project LegeKunst. One of the results is the recently published basic book for teacher education on PlayArt pedagogy. The book is called "Play art - play, education, art and culture in day care" and is edited by Research Coordinator Lars Geer Hammershøj.

Promoting children's play and education is a key task for educators in day-care centres. The PlayArt book describes how this can be done and how to create learning environments that support these processes.
The book explores how children's encounters with art and culture can promote play and education, and is a good source of inspiration for anyone working with children.

The first part of the book delves into the core concepts of PlayArt, and the second part is based on concrete PlayArt programmes in participating day care centres.

The book is published by Samfundslitteratur and can be bought here