ARRANGEMENT: Play, aesthetics and education in day care

TIME: OBS the event has been moved to 2022

STED: VIA University College Aarhus

PRICE: 2875 kr.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: not yet disclosed

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3 theme days on play, aesthetics and education in day care

Are you interested in working with play and aesthetics in educational practice? Do you need inspiration to work with and develop pedagogical practice with play, aesthetics and children's culture? VIA University College in Aarhus, in collaboration with Kulturprinsen and the national project LegeKunst, offers an exciting and varied programme consisting of three theme days during spring 2021.

Play, aesthetics and education are central concepts in day care pedagogical practice. In addition, there are the intentions that day-care centres open up to and create collaborations with external actors and cultural institutions as part of the open day-care centre. The theme days are based on research knowledge, practical experience and action learning using the process manual for LegeKunst, and also include an artistic workshop.

During the theme days, you will get answers to the following questions:

Theme day 1: 

  • How can play and education be understood as affective processes and how are they promoted through art and culture?
  • How does the pedagogical staff establish and frame aesthetic spaces and atmospheres in the day care centre, where children and adults are participants?
  • How does the educator support aesthetic encounters with materials and artists?

Theme day 2: 

  • How does the educator engage in a co-creation process with artists and children?
  • What is the role of the educator in aesthetic processes where play is the focal point?
  • What does it mean when process is more important than product?

Theme day 3:

  • What are anchoring processes in the context of PlayArt, aesthetics and play?
  • How does the educator's own formation affect anchoring processes?